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UN launches Tech Bank to spur development in vulnerable countries

POSTED June 5, 2018

UN launches Tech Bank to spur development in vulnerable countries

Science, technology and innovation to be leveraged to encourage economic growth

Girl from Burkina Faso

Whether helping women in India access the Internet or training youth in Central America on the computer, Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC) believes technology is crucial to development, and we’re not alone. This week the UN launched a Technology Bank in Turkey to address development challenges in the least-developed countries.

“Technology has to diffuse to all communities to enable them to leapfrog traditional development challenges,” explained Amina Mohammed, UN deputy secretary-general, explaining the reason behind the launch.

The bank focuses on the idea that science, technology and innovation promote economic growth, giving least-developed countries a means to address technology gaps.

The Bank is already beginning work in 16 countries. Projects intended to improve digital access to research are underway in South Asia and across Africa, including in Burkina Faso, where CCFC has been working since 1987.

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