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A child answers: what’s it like to have a sponsor and pen pal like you?

POSTED June 22, 2022

A child answers: what’s it like to have a sponsor and pen pal like you?

Hemasri shares how meaningful a sponsor’s letters, cards and support are to her entire family in India

By Brianne Binelli, digital content services manager, Canada

Girl dressed in green smiles while holding a photo showing a room decorated for Christmas from her sponsor and pen pal

One of the sweetest gifts of sponsorship may be the relationships formed through letters, photos and small gifts. Just ask Hemasri. The 12-year-old treasures these exchanges with her sponsor and pen pal, Marilyn, from Canada.

Marilyn has helped Hemasri for six years, and the birthday, Easter and Christmas cards she sends mean so much.

The Grade 6 student’s parents work hard. Her mom runs a micro shop, and her dad is a day labourer — both make a modest income. So, they’re all grateful for the support.

Below are just a few words of appreciation Hemasri shared when we asked her to tell us the impact of Marilyn’s letters and support on her life. She spoke directly to her sponsor.

What was it like to find out I’d been sponsored by you…

We (my family) felt very happy.

My favourite letter or photo from you…

We were very happy to receive a Christmas photo from you. I like it the most.

Your house is decorated for Christmas. I love the picture of your home, and that we can see how you celebrate and decorate in the festive days. So, I love the photo very much. I have shown my cards and photos to my family.

How a gift you sent helped the family…

We bought two goats, and after, one gave birth to two more goats. Now we have four goats.

I’ll never forget you remembered my birthday…

We (my family) thank you so much for remembering my birthday and for sending me a gift. I bought a dress, cake and chocolates with the money, and I gave chocolates to my classmates. In the evening, I had cake with my family.

In my life I had not celebrated my birthday. I will never forget you, because the help you are giving is helping me and making my family happy.

My wishes for you and your family…

My family is praying to God that you and your family are happy and healthy always.

Just as you fill my life with light, I want you to continue to shed light on the lives of many poor children like me. Every bit of help you give is making our lives so precious. It means a lot — the love and the depth of what you did for me. You saved my life. I now have a future.

With your help, me and my family are living a happy life, and we thank you so much for your kind love and support.

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