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Women are taking charge and pushing forward around the world

POSTED April 17, 2018

Women are taking charge and pushing forward around the world

In Mauritania, Africa, women are leading their families and making a difference in business

Woman VSLA Ana Burkina

Women are taking on more responsibility as their husbands leave home in search of pasture and water for their livestock in Mauritania in Africa, reports Thomson Reuters Foundation, but it’s a slow process to change and empowerment.

“A man will listen to everything his wife whispers on the pillow, but in the morning she won’t get any credit for it,” Mint Maouloud is quoted as saying by Thomson Reuters, referring to when the men are home. “We tell them where an animal clinic might be needed, or which markets are best for specific kinds of animals.” []

The good news is more women are becoming independent and some are even seeking political roles, reports Thomson Reuters. It’s not unlike what we see in the communities where we work at Christian Children’s Fund of Canada.

We believe in empowering women to reach their full potential so they can support their families and set an example for their children, while achieving their goals.

To learn more about our work, read Olivia Adams’ story.

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