Empowering mothers, shattering stereotypes

End the year by breaking gender stereotypes and keeping mothers who are most vulnerable are empowered to give their children the best start in life.


“I feel sad when I see other babies at the same age as my child easily moving about and looking healthy.” — Amaatu, Ghana

Right now, it’s a race against time.

Amaatu’s one-year-old daughter, Rawdatu, doesn’t play
with other children. Her growth is stunted, and she doesn’t speak, walk or even crawl.

Your gift will support expectant moms like Amaatu have safer pregnancies, deliver healthier babies, and raise well-nourished, energetic kids who thrive in school — a truly profound gift that will give hope to families in the new year. 

Give by midnight Dec. 31 to be
eligible for a 2023 tax receipt
Your gift will have 7X the impact! Vulnerable mothers and children will gain access to:
✓ supporting vocational, life and professional skills-training
✓ providing opportunities for leadership, mentorship and networking
✓ helping set goals to find rewarding careers
Your gift will be multiplied 7X, so every $1 = $7

Questions? Call 1.800.263.5437, or email askus@childrenbelieve.ca

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