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End the year by breaking barriers keeping young people out of a job due to their age, gender or social status. Help young people find satisfying work today, and multiply your impact 5X, thanks to support from our giving partners.

Year End - Deyra Nic

“My story is an example … that there are no gender limitations when you want to do a job.” — Deyra, Nicaragua

Help girls smash the glass ceiling

Deyra was told she couldn’t do the “man’s” work at her family’s tour business on Lake Nicaragua.

Thanks to support through a Children Believe project to help young people get vocational training, Deyra is confidently steering the business into new waters. 

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Your gift will help young people — often hired last in Nicaragua — succeed by…
✓ supporting vocational, life and professional skills-training
✓ providing opportunities for leadership, mentorship and networking
✓ helping set goals to find rewarding careers
Your gift will be multiplied 5X, so every $1 = $5

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