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Youth campaign to protect our planet and their well-being

POSTED May 28, 2019

Youth campaign to protect our planet and their well-being

Young people around the world are committed to shared goals

Jessica Youth Paraguay

It’s common to hear news of climate change impacting weather patterns, creating food insecurity, and the youth of the world are speaking out and stepping up to highlight the issue.

In the United States, teens are preparing for a Climate Speaks competition in New York June 14. The poets are nervous but prepared: “I see myself holding my daughter named Love, and I see her first breaths being contaminated with pollutants,” are words from Otaniyuwa Ehue’s poem, as quoted by Thomson Reuters Foundation News. “Maybe I won’t have a daughter.”

In our programs in India and around the world, youth are clearing shorelines, initiating local plastic bans, spurring the planting of thousands of trees and campaigning locally to create cleaner, greener neighbourhoods.

Look out for more news on how supporter help is benefiting the environment and the well-being of children and families around the world.  

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