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Youth seek to address the risks of irregular migration

POSTED April 11, 2019

Youth seek to address the risks of irregular migration

A three-day camp brings youth in Nicaragua together to discuss their future

By Victor Reñazco, project coordinator, Nicaragua

Youth at PICMCA conference

Contagious energy was in the air during a special three-day youth camp filled with nearly 80 young people from across Nicaragua uniting under the theme, “I trust my community.”

The camp supported our Global Affairs Canada-funded Preventing Irregular Child Migration in Mexico and Central America (PICMCA, CONFIO in Spanish) project. It was designed to improve the well-being of youth, so they don’t feel a need to migrate irregularly to other countries.

The experience was full of reflection, debate, role-playing, workshops, talent shows and campfire nights, with campers discussing everything from how girls and women are affected by domestic violence and forced to migrate irregularly, to the need for access to quality education for youth.

The young people agreed building a stronger community — rich with information about peace — will inevitably reduce violence against woman and diminish the yearning for irregular migration, while encouraging equality.

I was inspired to see how these excited young campers were looking forward to returning to their communities to share their experiences with peers and family. They were ready to encourage young leaders and advocate with local stakeholders to address the root causes of irregular migration.

The camp was an example of how the PICMCA project is supporting young people to express themselves and strengthen their leadership skills so they can contribute to the development of their community — pushing for a fair society as well as a safe and promising future in their country.

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