We promote equality for girls

We're helping girls and boys enjoy equal opportunities

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We promote equality for girls

We’re helping girls and boys enjoy equal opportunities

HOME > What we do > Equality for girls

Girls deserve equal opportunities

  • We help girls develop knowledge, skills, confidence and leadership skills through girls’ clubs, child and youth groups and children’s networks
  • We provide training and awareness campaigns on human rights, gender equality and where to go for help
  • We encourage girls and women to participate in decision-making at our program level and in community and government meetings, councils and forums
  • We promote women and girls in leadership roles, boost income-generating activities for women and engage boys and men as partners for change
  • We embed gender equality into all we do and adopt policies and practices supporting equal rights and opportunities

Projects supporting communities

How we’re making progress…

In the 2021/2022 fiscal year, we celebrated the following achievements...
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children, youth, parents and caregivers received training to stand up for the rights of girls
and women

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family members and community leaders were given resources to strengthen the well-being of children, including through gender equality

0 +

women assumed leadership roles and participated in community/public
decision-making to influence gender equality

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