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Lia sits on her bike in front of a shed storing wood

“(My sponsor) Ms. Sandy is like an angel. Her letters and gifts make me enjoy every moment of Easter … knowing she’s celebrating with me.” — Lia, Nicaragua

Help dreams come true this Easter

Lia believes her dream to finish school and become a teacher will come true, thanks to support from her sponsor. Over the years, Ms. Sandy’s gifts have helped buy supplies to keep safe from COVID-19, food and even a bike so Lia can get to school quickly and safely.

Help children feel included and cared for this Easter
Send your gift by Feb. 25, so it reaches in time for the holiday

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Write a note to your sponsored child using the postcard you received in the mail


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Let your sponsored child know you’re thinking about them by clicking the button above and giving a monetary gift


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Your gift will give your sponsored child a chance to buy something for themselves or their family


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