Frequently Asked Questions

Sponsorship combines funding from supporters to provide children with access to education so they can thrive in school and life. The program also gives children:
– equal access to opportunities and resources, such as clean water, healthcare and quality education – confidence, knowledge and leadership skills to realize their rights – opportunities to have their voices heard through community clubs, public forums and our sponsorship programming – the tools to play an active role in improving the systems that are supposed to protect them
And, letters sent between donor and sponsored child contribute to building a child’s confidence, so they’re encouraged to create a brighter future for themselves.
Sponsorship helps children access education and thrive in school and life. To do this, we also provide nutritious meals, medical attention and clean water while addressing issues of discrimination, social exclusion and violence. To create lasting change, we ensure children are heard, included and empowered to grow up confident, overcome barriers and pursue their dreams.
For $44 per month, sponsorship through Children Believe gives a child access to education and provides their community with the tools and resources they need to thrive.
As a child sponsor, you’ll receive an Annual Report as well as an update of your sponsored child’s progress and a new photo, so you can see how they’ve grown. We also include updates from their community so you see what your support, along with their hard work, has accomplished.
Trust and accountability are very important to us. Children Believe uses results-based management to measure and evaluate everything we do. This ensures we’re accountable to you and can achieve the greatest change for children.
Read ChildVoice magazine and our online stories to meet the children and families you’re helping.
Absolutely. Children love to receive letters — it’s exciting and makes them feel special. Exchanging letters is a great way to get to know your sponsored child and help them succeed. You will receive a reply, but since most children in the communities where we work can’t write in English, the letters will be translated.
In keeping with our Policy for Keeping Children Safe, we ask sponsors to send letters through the postal service. Unfortunately, due to child-protection concerns, we do not encourage contact through email or social media. Children Believe may end the sponsorship relationship if it’s not in the child’s best interest.
Absolutely. Visiting your sponsored child will be an experience you won’t likely forget. Please contact us three months prior to your expected trip, so we can help plan your special visit.
Find more details on our sponsorship webpage.
Sure, children love to receive presents. Paper-based gifts that fit in an envelope, such as colouring paper, postcards, pictures of yourself and your family, musical cards and paper puzzles are ideal, as packages are difficult to process and may cost more to send. You can send a monetary gift online or by contacting us directly.
We hope children stay in the sponsorship program until they finish school, complete skills-training or their community develops the tools necessary to become self-sufficient. Occasionally, various circumstances, including a family moving, may lead to a child leaving the program. For details, call 1.800.263.5437, or email us at
Children Believe provides sponsorship opportunities in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Nicaragua and Paraguay. We focus our efforts where children and families need our help most and where sponsors can make the biggest difference.
When you write, your sponsored child will receive your original letter along with a translation. Similarly, you’ll receive your child’s original letter with a translation.
There are other ways to give. For example, you can become a Community Rise donor for as little as $19 a month. Your gift will help break through barriers to creating healthy, educated and empowered communities.
For more details, contact our donor-relations team at 1.800.263.5437 or
We understand circumstances change. We’re here to help. Please call 1.800.263.5437, or email, and our team will discuss your giving options.
While we welcome visitors, it is not possible to volunteer through Children Believe. If you’re interested in volunteering overseas, we recommend looking into opportunities with World University Service of Canada and Canada World Youth.
Yes. Every February, Children Believe sends official donation receipts for income-tax purposes. If you have not received the receipt, or need a replacement copy, contact our donor-relations team at 1.800.263.5437 or
Trust and accountability are important to us. For more details, visit our financial section, and read our annual audited financial statements.
You can visit our Update-My-Information page to revise your name, address, credit-card information and/or banking information. You can also call us at 1.800.263.5437, or email us at
Children Believe has done everything possible to avoid increasing our monthly sponsorship rate for the last nine years (since 2014).
While we have done everything possible to ensure children continue to receive basic services through our sponsorship program, the in-country costs for school and medical supplies, construction materials, fuel and programming have increased significantly in the countries we provide support.
Inflation has driven up the cost of basic items such as milk, bread and soap to unaffordable amounts. In Ethiopia, the cost of living has increased 178 percent since 2013, and India’s inflation rate hit 47 percent.
Children Believe always strives to operate efficiently, ensuring your generous support has the greatest possible impact. We’re guided by accountability.
Absolutely! You can continue supporting your sponsored child(ren) at your current monthly rate. We understand times have been difficult globally, and we’re grateful for the support you provide.
To keep your current sponsorship rate, please contact us before the date specified in your notification letter by email or by calling our donor-care team at 1.800.263.5437.
If your circumstances change, and you can donate at the new rate, let us know, and we’ll make the adjustment.
We greatly appreciate your continued support and passion for helping children and youth dream fearlessly.
No. We only change the sponsorship rate when it’s absolutely necessary to continue the standard of care we provide to children and families in need. Changes to the sponsorship rate are made in response to in-country costs for our programs.
The last increase to the sponsorship rate was nine years ago, in 2014.
The additional funds from the rate increase will be used to continue our standard of care and maintain much-needed services for vulnerable children and families in our countries of operation. Learn more about our work.

For monthly donations made through credit card or pre-authorized chequing account, your statement will automatically reflect the new rate on the date specified in the notification letter you received about the increase. Sponsors who make their donations quarterly, semi-annually and annually, will see the new rate reflected in the next reminder letter, after the effective date.

If you make your donation by cheque (current or postdated), it should reflect the new rate when your next sponsorship donation is due.

First of all, thank you for your extra support to help us reduce administration costs. The monthly administration gift related to your sponsorship donation will not be affected by the rate change.

Thank you for your generous support! Your monthly gifts towards Community Rise or Children Believe Fund will not be impacted by this rate change. It will remain the same monthly amount you currently donate at this time.
The great news is no! The sponsorship rate increase only impacts your monthly sponsorship donation. Any additional special gifts you have set up for birthday, Christmas, Easter, education or otherwise are not affected and will remain at the gift amount you instructed.
We would never do that. Accountability and integrity are essential to how we work at Children Believe. We’re committed to transparency, and we communicate rate changes with every sponsor, by mail, with sufficient notice.
Our sponsorship-rate-increase letter was mailed well before the change to make sure we gave 60-days notice (90 days for Alberta). Advance notice was provided to give our sponsors time to share how they’d like to proceed before the rate update.
If you’re unable to increase your sponsorship rate at this time, we understand and can ensure your rate remains at its current amount. Please contact us, and we would be happy to assist you. We can be reached by phone (1.800.263.5437), email or by mail.
Yes. Children Believe upholds its responsibility to our donors and takes pride in operating with integrity. This includes following legal requirements set out by the Canada Revenue Agency and following industry best practices. Therefore, we have provided our supporters 60 days written notice of the sponsorship rate change (90 days for Alberta).
We cannot speak for other organizations and their current sponsorship rates or programs. We can only accurately report our circumstances, the experiences of the children and families we serve and the reality of rising costs for services we provide to vulnerable communities in our countries of operation.
We strive to balance cost, donor satisfaction and the impact of your donated dollars of the sponsorship program. That’s why our last sponsorship rate increase was nine years ago.
As required by law, and in keeping with our values, we’ll always provide donors with advance notice, with an opt-out option, before a proposed increase is implemented.
So, if you receive notice of an increase from Children Believe, and do not consent to the increase, simply confirm your decision by taking one of the easy ‘opt-out’ options provided.
If you do consent to the increase, no action is required; the change will be automatic.
As always, if you wish to end your sponsorship, you may do so anytime.
The TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon is Canada’s premier running event and the grand finale of the Canada Running Series (CRS).
Since 2017, the race has served as the Athletics Canada national marathon championship race and has doubled as the Olympic trials.
The Canada Running Series stages experiences for runners of all levels, from Canadian Olympians to recreational and charity runners. With a mission of “building community through the sport of running.”
To learn more about the TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon, visit
The in-person TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon (in-person: 42 km, 21 km and 5 km distances inclusive) is Oct. 16. All routes are in Toronto and end on Bay Street, just north of Queen Street.
In 2021, participants raised more than $3.08 million much-needed funds for 151 official charity partners. In fact, since the TCS Charity Challenge began in 2003, more than $48 million has been raised. The runners’ commitment to fundraising has made a significant impact in communities.
All donations raised by Team Believe benefit Children Believe programs.
Proceeds from this event will help break barriers to creating healthy, educated and empowered communities. You’ll be helping children access knowledge, training and opportunities to raise their voices and make positive change.
You’ll provide life essentials, such as clean water, healthy food and safe places to grow and play. And, you’ll support the greatest tool we have in our global movement for change: education.
No. Following the guidelines of Athletics Canada, Athletics Ontario and Toronto Public Health, there are no longer requirements for eligible participants to show proof of vaccination.
Masking is still required in areas where physical distancing can’t be maintained (pre-race area, post-race area, start line and finish line). If this changes your interest in participating in your registered event, you can transfer your registration to a different sub-event, or another person, by Sept. 15 at 11:59 p.m. To do so, visit the race registration page, sign in, and select the transfer button.
If you’re experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 on race day, thank you for not attending the in-person event and following all public-health guidelines. Please email for your registration options.
Yes, Race kit pickup will take place during the Toronto Waterfront Marathon Expo held at the Enercare Centre, Hall D, from Oct. 14 to 15. It will be available for everyone taking part in the in-person event.
Yes. Water and Nuun hydrating products will be available on the course and at the finish line. For more information, visit
The finish line for the in-person events will be on Bay Street, just north of Queen Street.
Yes! We would love to have you cheer on the team. Please email for more details.
Strollers will be permitted for the in-person 5 km run/walk only. Please note: the individual in the stroller will not receive a finisher’s medal unless they are a registered participant and wearing a race bib.
Participants requiring the use of a wheelchair are permitted. Yes, you can participate with a support person. For details, please contact
Team Believe runners need to complete an application, before registering for the race. Once the application is approved, runners will receive our charity gift code to enter during checkout. Next, the participant should click the blue “Join Team Believe” button on this page to register for the race and create a personal fundraising webpage! Get started today.
No. Official charity runners with Team Believe don’t pay registrations fees; they’re required to fundraise a minimum amount for Children Believe to join the team.