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Forum reports COVID-19 recovery is rooted in equality and sustainability

POSTED October 27, 2020

Forum reports COVID-19 recovery is rooted in equality and sustainability

A gathering of the Latin America and Caribbean region highlights needs for recovery from the pandemic


As the UN Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) met this week, it became clear unity, equality and sustainability would be key to addressing its predictions of 44 million unemployed and 45 million in poverty in the region due to the viral outbreak.

“The pandemic marks a before and after, and it is sending a clear message to the world: solidarity is, today more than ever, our only lifeline,” said António Guterres, UN Secretary-General at the ECLAC virtual gathering this week, as reported by UN News.

Discussion at the meeting also highlighted the need to promote equality to support growth of universal healthcare, financial stability and human rights, among other needs.

At Children Believe, our work in Latin America and around the world focuses on providing access to education for everyone by breaking down barriers such as gender and social equalities that are limiting the rights of children, girls, women and the most marginalized.

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