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What’s the importance of making learning fun for kids?

POSTED May 13, 2022

What’s the importance of making learning fun for kids?

See how creative learning centres are benefiting children in India

By Danielle Daley, digital community coordinator

Happy kids crafting shows the importance of making learning fun

Learning should be fun. And, we’re aiming to make it that way in India.

We’ve established creative learning centres as safe spaces kids can play games, make crafts and exercise while learning subjects that can be hard to grasp, such as science and math.

This unstructured approach to after-school learning is making a difference in rural India. “Children learn very easily without any stress or fear of learning. They should enjoy the learning process, that’s what the objective of this whole process is,” says Siju Mathew, Children Believe’s monitoring and evaluations officer in India, in the video.

Supporters have made it possible to help 3,600 children, between the ages of six and 14, in 120 villages in India through creative learning centres.

Watch the video below to see the importance of making learning fun through creative learning centres.

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Youth benefit from Children Believe creative learning centres

-children repeating after facilitator-

Siju Mathew:

As the name suggests, creative learning centres facilitate and stimulate optimum learning and multi-dimensional learning opportunities for the marginal section of children who couldn’t actually get these opportunities otherwise.

Siju Mathew:

The process is beautifully designed in such a way wherein we identify the facilitators within the community itself, making sure that the facilitator is no stranger to the children. That creates a very conducive environment for learning.


Siju Mathew:

Children come to these centres after school hours, and they spend a couple of hours in the centre and learn the basic reading, writing and listening-in-a-fun-way method. The environment is created for the children to learn the basic mathematics, science or the language they study.

-children playing learning games-

Siju Mathew:

We have a lot of evidence wherein children participate in events and receive accolades at various levels, even at the state level and national level, also. So, in general, we have to create a learning environment for children. Children learn very easily without any stress or fear of learning. They should enjoy the learning process, that is what is the objective of this whole process. In the long run, the communities may take over the CLCs (creative learning centres), and the process will continue. And more facilitators will join in the whole process.


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