Legacy giving

By remembering Children Believe in your Will, you'll build a better world

Legacy giving

By remembering Children Believe in your Will, you'll build a better world

Leave a gift in your Will

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“Girls I know had to drop out of school because of their water chores. Fetching water and carrying it a kilometre back to the village took so much time and energy; we were too exhausted to learn. But I don’t have to give up school to get water anymore. Because of a caring donor who remembered Children Believe in her Will, we have a wonderful well.”
— Nana


Your questions answered

Leaving a gift in your Will isn’t just for the very wealthy — it’s for anyone who cares deeply about a cause. If you believe no child should be held back by poverty and injustice, then you might consider giving a gift to Children Believe in your Will.
No. We understand how important your sponsored child is to you, but we can’t promise we’ll be able to fulfil a bequest to them, as they may not be in our program area when your gift is realized. You can opt to continue your sponsorship, ensuring the child you help today continues to receive support while they’re part of the program. You may also choose to allow us to use the gift where it’s needed most.
You’ll be helping children access knowledge, training and opportunities to raise their voices and make positive change. You’ll provide life essentials: clean water, healthy food and safe places to grow and play. And, you’ll support the greatest tool we have in our global movement for change: education.
A type of gift called a residual gift is a great option to make sure your estate meets your needs. Think of your estate like a pie you can divide. You can leave a slice to each of your children, a slice to your grandchildren and a slice to Children Believe.
By donating assets other than cash, you can easily save capital gains and estate taxes and can make a bigger impact than you ever thought possible. Examples of other types of gifts you can leave are stocks and securities, life insurance, RRSPs or RRIFs, Annuities and more.
Sharing this information with us means we can appreciate and thank you for this future gift during your life, ensuring your specific requests can be fulfilled. And, if you’ve included sponsorship continuation as a gift in your Will, we can keep your sponsored child in the program during the probate period, until the gift is received.
Willfora is an online service, which allows anyone to create or update their Will in a secure and simple format. Willfora was created to prompt Canadians to consider leaving a charitable gift to a cause that’s important to them, while potentially creating savings in lawyer’s fees. Willfora is partnering with Children Believe to offer complementary Will creation and unlimited updates.

We encourage you to speak to a financial planner and your loved ones as you plan your estate. Of course, we're happy to help.

Christina Beeston
manager, legacy giving


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