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Solar power changes the life of students in Ethiopia

POSTED December 8, 2017

Solar power changes the life of students in Ethiopia

More than 400 families benefit from new reading lights

By Semereta Sewasew, CCFC communications manager, Ethiopia

Ethiopia Solar Power Lamp

Around the world, children often spend their evenings busy completing homework. What you might not have considered is what it’s like for children and parents living without electricity.

Take Germu, 10 (above), for example. In his small village in the region of Arsi Negelle, Ethiopia, most of the humble, thatched-roofed homes are not equipped with power, so when the sun goes down, houses become dark, and schoolwork is nearly impossible. But, this has changed because of your support.

In the past year, your donations have provided more than 400 families with reading lights, powered through solar energy.

“We used to rush to finish our homework [before the night came],” explains Germu. “Now, I have enough time to do my homework at home because of the solar lamps. This is helping me get good grades at school.”

“[Thanks to the solar lamps,] we can read without a problem.” — Gemene

But, the solar lamps are doing much more than helping students with their academic success — they are also reducing health risks.

Without electricity, children and their families resorted to using kerosene lanterns, which release black smoke into the air. Inhaling this smoke is extremely unhealthy and can lead to respiratory problems.

Gemene, 13, would often read by the dim light of a kerosene lamp at night. Now that her family has received a solar light, she is studying with ease.

Your support has also equipped five local schools with rooftop solar panels, along with materials to improve quality of education, reaching more than 6,000 people in the Arsi Negelle region.

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