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Cultivating success against all odds: the inspiring journey of Dixon and the Empuje project

POSTED August 10, 2023

Cultivating success against all odds: the inspiring journey of Dixon and the Empuje project

EMPUJE’S impact: A fresh lease of life, exposure to new experiences, and forging diverse connections 

By Dianca Massiel, Children Believe Nicaragua

Dixon's - Empuje success

Dixon’s early life in Nandasmo: A Beacon of Dynamism and Responsibility

Dixon, an enterprising and compassionate young man hailing from the vibrant community of Nandasmo in Masaya, has exuded dynamism and a deep sense of responsibility from his earliest days. Through unwavering determination, he triumphantly completed his academic journey despite formidable odds. His incredible feat was made possible by the sheer dedication of his mother, who valiantly sold traditional sweets on the streets to provide him with the means for his educational expenses.

Reminiscing about his formative years, Dixon fondly recalls the phase that was not without its challenges, particularly due to the financial strain of travel expenses. Yet, Dixon’s mother’s steadfast support and his own tenacity prompted him to seize an opportunity. He took it upon himself to sell his mother’s products, despite potential misgivings from his peers. This courageous step not only aided in covering transportation costs throughout his university years but also fueled his determination to thrive academically.

Overcoming Challenges for Education

Before his involvement in the EMPUJE (Youth Employability: Closing the Gender Gap in Youth Employment in Nicaragua) project, breathed new life into his journey, exposing him to novel experiences and forging connections with diverse individuals. Overcoming his innate shyness, Dixon expanded his social horizons, breathing life into his entrepreneurial aspirations. A burgeoning network offered the potential to amplify his sales and breathe new vigor into his venture.

EMPUJE’s impact: A fresh lease of life, exposure to new experiences, and forging diverse connections. “My venture is NUTRIMAX, it consists of the preparation of cereals. Cereal making is a self-initiative,” shares Dixon. Empuje bestowed upon Dixon a transformative project, a crucible for learning that fostered his acumen in marketing, networking, branding, and innovation. Through EMPUJE’s guidance, Dixon crafted an enduring digital presence, bestowing his business with heightened visibility and bolstering sales and recognition.

Self-Discovery and Growth

Dixon recalls, “Before the project, my timidity hindered my public speaking, constraining my potential. Thanks to the project facilitators’ support and training, I cast aside these self-imposed limitations. I came to realize that fear is but an illusion, devoid of substance.” His journey of self-discovery enabled him to effortlessly engage with others, sparking conversations and forging connections with fellow entrepreneurs. Dixon radiates newfound sociability and confidence.

Innovation and Bonding

Children Believe, through EMPUJE, extended its transformative touch to Dixon’s family, extending a hand to his sister. This shared experience not only strengthened their sibling bond but also resonated with their broader family, particularly through Dixon’s mother’s involvement. A poignant moment etched in Dixon’s memory is the snapshot alongside his mother, a simple photograph that carries profound significance, encapsulating the joys of familial unity.

Economic Boost and Professional Integration

Economically, Dixon has judiciously woven Empuje’s teachings into his professional fabric, notably in his current job. Concepts gleaned from courses on job interviews, curriculum development, and emotional intelligence have proven invaluable. Dixon says, “the project unveiled a realm of innovation previously unexplored. I nurtured my brand, embracing expansive thinking. The evolution is evident in every aspect, from a product’s nutritional information for competitive edge to the strategic considerations behind every investment. A label isn’t just a brand identifier; it’s a manifestation of my commitment and a potent tool of advertising.”

Lessons and connections

Today, Dixon is brimming with fresh perspectives that have enlivened his personal and professional realm. Every lesson absorbed, every connection forged, is a testament to his remarkable journey toward self-enhancement and enduring well-being. Dixon has embraced a profound understanding of gender equality, viewing each individual as equal, with inalienable rights transcending societal paradigms. He ardently advocates for shared responsibilities in both domestic and professional spheres, championing a harmonious balance between work and family life.

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