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We work in Africa, Asia and The Americas helping children access the education and resources to dream big

Projects in Africa

We’re based in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia & Ghana

Access to quality early-childhood development (ECD) services is a challenge in the rural community of Meguet. The government has made efforts for years, but the need is greater than the available support. Children Believe is working closely with the municipality and the community to improve access to and quality of integrated ECD services in the area for children up to the age of eight. We’re also working with adults to build stronger, safer and more efficient ECD and primary education systems and services that are given equal importance and investment.

At the end of the project, we hope to reach more than 4,500 children, nearly 1,700 parents, more than 60 teachers and more than 240 internally displaced children while also setting up and strengthening seven community-based child-protection groups.

Funding partners: ChildFund Korea

In Burkina Faso, state stats show women are having more than six children each, and more than 60 percent of the population is in their early 20s. So, Children Believe partnered with Educo, Terre des Hommes and Association Burkinabè pour le Bien Être Familial in the Center North, North and Sahel Regions to help address the growth of vulnerable populations. The goals are to promote family planning by training adolescent girls and boys about their sexual and reproductive health and strengthening birth-registration systems, among other issues.

The project will support more than 55 municipalities, 430 schools, 1.2-million children and youth (65 percent girls) and nearly five-million people.
Funding partner: European Union
Seventy-five percent of Burkina Faso’s population is under 35, according to state statistics, leaving many young people susceptible to challenges, such as access to education, violence, unemployment and more. Change is possible through this project, which has already proven successful in other Children Believe offices around the world.
It will help empower 1,000 young leaders, 40 percent of whom are marginalized girls. Fifty local state officials will also be trained in awareness-raising campaigns and advocacy initiatives. This will foster youth participation at local and national levels in three regions (Centre, East and Centre East), so children and youth can learn their rights and help spur positive change.
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